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Integrative Bodywork

Patrick Spaulding CMT

For this month, I am offering the Integrative Bodywork: Crown session at the discount price of $100! Experience realignment of your cranial bones, tension release of the soft tissues of the face, neck and scalp, and draining and detoxification of the face, sinuses and décoletage. Utilizes Cranio-Sacral, Acupressure, Swedish and Lymphatic Therapy, cupping optional. Book a session now.

Book an appointment for Cupping, or Lymphatic Therapy to detoxify, boost immunity, and mitigate side effects from innoculations. Or experience an Acupressure or Cranio Sacral session to calm the nervous system and rebalance your bio-energetic matrix.

I am now offering Integrative Bodywork sessions for a truly restorative experience. Integrative Bodywork draws on multiple modalities, weaving a unified treatment that comprehensively addresses both the physical and energetic bodies simultaneously. For more information, contact me at or book a session now.

Accepting appointments at 260 27th Ave, in the Richmond District, convenient to Seacliff, Presidio, and Lake neighborhoods.


Patric Spaulding CMT  
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Patrick Spaulding CMT

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