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Every treatment I perform addresses your needs and state of being at the time of each appointment. We assess your wellness and bodywork goals, taking into account current stressors, energy level, existing conditions and injuries, medical history, ergonomics and levels of physical excercise and activity. Your session is a balance of focused healing and sensory experience. If you would like more information about any of the modalities I practice (listed below), to discuss what type of treatment would be best for you, or if you have any questions about my practice and process, please contact me at or (415) 933 8303

Integrative Bodywork fuses diverse yet complementary applications and techniques into a harmonic retuning of the energetic and physical bodies. Incorporating elements from all the modalities I practice, each session engages the whole being on multiple levels simultaneously. Integrative Bodywork provides a comprehensive approach to release, cleanse, energize, and reintegrate all systems of the body. Experience sublime embodiment like no other.
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Craniosacral therapy addresses one's core through subtle movement and energetic interface with the body's nervous system, accessed through touch with the bones of the cranium, spine and sacrum. The central nervous system resides within the cerebrospinal fluid, sealed in the pia, arachnoid and dura mater membranes which encase the entire brain and spinal cord ~ attached to the skeletal system at the cranium and the sacrum. The fluid has it's own pulse (slower, quieter, and distinct from the hearbeat and breath), which expands and contracts the spaces contained therein, providing nourishment for the nerve tissue and an optimal medium for the central nervous system's bio-electro-chemical interactions to operate within. Circulating from the cranium down the spine to the sacrum and back again, the craniosacral pulse was "discovered" by Osteopath William Sutherland at the turn of the twentieth Century, and further investigated by John Upledger who brought the art of craniosacral therapy into the twentyfirst century.

The intent of Craniosacral therapy is to listen deeply to the existing pulses and idiosyncracies of the individual's fluid waves, and to accentuate and manipulate the energetic movements of the cranial bones subtly, following the system's innate rhythms, to empathize a return to balance. The sutures of all the bones in the cerebrospinal fluid system literally "breathe", expand & contract, interlock and rotate in a continuous dance with the other bones of the cranium and sacrum. The skull is not a single fixed bucket of bone but an evolving interlocked puzzle. Long term health problems and injuries, persistent stress, emotional trauma, and less than ideal ergonomics can divert the optimal flow and pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid and have systems wide effects across the body. Craniosacral is an extremely gentle modality, rarely exerting more than a few grams of pressure at a time with the hands, that can have profound effects on wellbeing. Craniosacral therapy can provide benefits for a range of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression & PTSD, headaches & migraines, cervical / spinal issues, arthritis, asthma & breathing challenges, sinusitis, insomnia, post operative recovery, and injury from emotional and physical trauma.
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Acupressure is a non-invasive energy therapy, utilizing energetic intention, gentle or firm touch, focusing on the points of the organ meridians of the body, common to Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Asian healing systems. Rather than using needles, connection is made with human touch. Biological energetic circuits ~ of Chi, the life force ~ are flushed and balanced throughout the body. Profound relaxation, energetic release and calm stillness can be achieved through acupressure. Five Element characteristics are examined and addressed within the treatment. Tui Na (massage) and Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) are used in conjunction with the acupressure for a uniquely relaxing and invigorating healing session. "Jin Shin" accupressure is a sister art to Jin Shin Do and Jin Shin Jyutsu, all healing modalities that developed from the work of Jiro Murai in the early twentieth century, who in his own journey of self healing, rediscovered and reinvestigated the human touch component of energetic work with the organ meridians. Acupressure is both a consitutional therapy, benefiting the entire body, and a potent treatment for localized stress, disease, trauma, or injury. Acupressure can address energetic blockages, chronic pain, digestive issues, skin conditions, headaches and problems of eyesight, sleep patterns and isomnia, and recovery from injury, disease or medical procedure.
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Cupping is an invigorating modality, utilizing negative pressure ~ suction through cups of different size and material ~ to provide a therapy and experience distinct from manual therapy. Practiced for centuries across Asia, the Middle East and Europe, it has a wide range of benefits for health and wellness. Different types of cups are used for different results ~ Glass fire cupping: using heat to create suction, these are ideal for drawing out toxins and a potent stimulant of meridian points. Silicone cupping: squeezable cups can be used dynamically for magnified Deep Tissue and Sports sessions. Belletaze Facial cups and Earth Spa Bells: small and finely crafted glass cups with bulbs attached to give precision control of pressure, for facial massage and treatment of décolletage. Excellent as a conclusion to the Full Body Lymphatic massage.
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Lymphatic therapy is a rhythmic, stimulating bodywork of primarily light touch, addressing the lymphatic system ~ the body's immune transport and waste removal system. For those who are detoxifying or cleansing, recovering from illness, injury or medical procedure, or seeking to boost immune function, lymphatic therapy is ideal. This bodywork stimulates the natural flow of the lymph vessels through subtle massage across the skin, underneath which the majority of vessels lay. Lymph nodes (at the neck, shoulder/armpits, elbows, belly, inguinal region, knees and ankles) are addressed with deeper intent. The massage stimulates the circulation of lymph, with benefits including fluid drainage from face/sinuses, extremities and abdomen, reduced swelling of nodes and edemas, removal of toxins and wastes, stimulation of the immune system, accelerated healing, reduction of scar tissue, and breaking up of subdermal fat.
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A full body soft tissue therapy, deep tissue work accesses inner musculoskeletal and myofascial layers of the body in supine and prone positions. Penetrating pressure is applied to the complex muscle groups of the neck and shoulders (rotator cuff, bursa, subscapularis, serratus, rhomboids and levator, scalines ), hips, lower back and legs (iliop-psoas, adductors, abductors, rotators, piriformis, IT band and TFL, Erector Spinae, Multifidus). In conjunction with passive stretching, rhythmic joint articulation and percussion/chopping, a profound relaxing of the body is be achieved. Reduction of pain and stiffness, flushing of toxins, and improved range of motion are all results of the deep tissue massage.
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For those with higher intensity work-out regimens, or who are training for or recovering from athletic events, Sports massage is ideal. This bodywork utilizes Deep Tissue technique at a brisker pace, with greater emphasis on percussive strokes, kneading of the muscles, stretches and deeper penetrating pressure, targeting areas of greatest stress
. Improved circulation, breaking up of scar tissue and fascial adhesions, increased flexibility, and decreased recovery time can be had with the Sports massage.
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The classic relaxing spa massage, Swedish uses bold flowing strokes (effleurage) in conjunction with focused work (petrissage) on detail areas to warm and loosen the body up and increase circulation. Rythmic pressure (tapotement), rocking and passive stretching release tension and improve flexibility and range of movement. I massage the body’s superficial muscles and fascia in both supine and prone positions using light to deep pressure. Improved bloodflow and oxygenation, flushing of toxins, reduction of stress and pain, and increased relaxation are all benefits of this massage.
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CBD oil
CBD, Cannabidiol, is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive component of Cannabis. Applied topically, it can provide immediate relief of achey muscles and stressed soft tissues. Also having anti-depressive properties, CBD oil integrated into a massage on select areas, can help bring about profound relaxation and calm.






Integrative Bodywork   harmonic retuning of the energetic & physical bodies
     ~ the menu below is a sample of possibilities
     ~ your treatment is designed for, and calibrated to your individual being and needs

 Core ~ 30 minutes ~ Addresses the thoraco-abdominal region of the body as a complete system unto itself. Utilizes Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Therapy, and Acupressure, cupping optional.



 Crown ~ 60 minutes ~ Realignment of the cranial bones, release of the soft tissues of the face, neck and scalp, and draining and detoxification of the face, sinuses and décoletage. Utilizes Cranio-Sacral, Acupressure, Swedish and Lymphatic Therapy, cupping optional.   $130
 Mantle ~ 90 minutes ~ Profound cleansing and release of the soft tissues. Full body Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Therapy, and optional Firecupping.   $190

 Fount ~ 120 minutes ~ Fusing the Mantle, the Crown, and the Core for a comprehensive and luxuriant treatment. Embody the wellspring of light you have always been!      
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CranioSacral Therapy energetic interface with the nervous system

 30 minutes ~ Focusing primarily on the cerebrospinal fluid's pulse within the skull, with gentle palpation and movement of the bones of the cranium, balancing out the pulse surrounding the brain, also releasing congestion from the facial anatomy




 60 minutes~ In addition to working the bones of the cranium, we provide gentle manipulation of sacrum and spine, addressing the full breadth of cranio sacral pulse



 90 minutes ~ Cranium to sacrum is addressed, with added release of transverse soft tissue diaphragms across the torso, induction of still points, and final balancing of the system
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Jin Shin Acupressure balancing of the organ meridians

 50 minutes ~ Focused acupressure of hands and feet (where all the organ meridians begin or end), an exquisite and invigorating release, incorporating elements of Tui Na massage




 70 minutes ~ Full body acupressure session, including Tui Na massage, all organ meridians are addressed.


 90 minutes ~ The journey goes deeper, with palpation of back shu & front mu points, balancing of meridians, adressing problem areas, and Chi Nei Tsang available for abdominal work
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Cupping rejuvenate with an ancient healing modality

 30 minutes ~ standalone




 20-30 minutes ~ add-on (session duration remains the same, price $10 - $40 depending on session type)
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Lymphatic Therapy tonifying the lymphatic system

 Uplift ~ Head, scalp, face, neck & top of shoulders & clavicles ~ 20 minutes


 Cellulite Buster ~ arms and legs, and other affected areas, utilizing palpate and roll technique with lymphatic drainage to smooth out & remove cellulite ~ 45 minutes




 Full Body ~ A complete immersion for the entire body ~ all areas listed above are addressed and deep but gentle attention is given to the abdomen, home to half of the body's lymph nodes ~ 75 minutes


 Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage Therapy ~ 20 minutes $50
 Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage Therapy ~ 45 minutes $100

 Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage Therapy ~ 75 minute      schedule a Lymphatic Therapy session




Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish
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60 minute      
90 minute      
120 minute      





CBD oil
analgesic, anti-inflammatory massage oil






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Bodywork Packages and Gift Certificates

Prepaid packages of multiple massages can be purchased at reduced rates. Packages of Integrative Bodywork, CranioSacral, Deep Tissue, Sports and Swedish sessions can be used for any duration session (six and twelve hour packages are ideal for clients who prefer 90 minute sessions). Lymphatic Therapy, Acupressure, and Cupping packages are available for sessions of a set duration. Gift Certificates are available for any single session.
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Integrative Bodywork

4 hour package
6 hour package
8 hour package



CranioSacral Therapy




3 hour package
6 hour package









3 90min sessions
6 90min sessions








five sessions 





Lymphatic Therapy




Cellulite Buster  
Full Body   


four sessions
four sessions
four sessions





Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish





5 hour package
6  hour package
10 hour package
12  hour package





Packages and Gift Certificates can also be purchased at the massage studio. 
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Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy




the bones of the cranium

Lymphatic Therapy
Lymphatic Therapy
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