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Body Luminous is open for business

In these uncertain times of pandemic, please be mindful of your health and safety, follow suggested protocols by the San Francisco Department of Health, and maintain social distancing when you are out and about.

Anxiety, depression, panic and fear are emotions that express themselves powerfully within the body as we confront the unknown.

Remember to practice selfcare while we all navigate this challenge as a global community over the coming weeks and months.

If you are experiencing any severe respiratory distress or fever, please consult a physician or go to a medical facility for treatment if you haven't already done so, and practice social distancing and quarantining until your condition has resolved. If you are of a high risk group ~ age 60 and up, already addressing infirmity or immunity compromised, please shelter in place.

As a home based,  solo practitioner healthcare provider, Body Luminous remains an "essential business" as articulated in San Francisco's Shelter in Place Order. Visiting your healthcare professional is an "essential activity". View SF DPH Order of the Health Officer

Exercise your right to health and well being. Book an appointment for Cupping, or Lymphatic Therapy to detoxify and boost immunity. Or experience an Acupressure or Cranio Sacral session to calm the nervous system and rebalance your bio-energetic matrix.

Accepting appointments at 260 27th Ave, in the Richmond District, convenient to Seacliff, Presidio, and Lake neighborhoods.


Patric Spaulding CMT  
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Patrick Spaulding CMT

  Integrative Bodywork
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